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About Us

We are a small family business based in the Pacific Northwest whose goal is to provide you with the highest quality orchid plants at the best possible prices. The owner and founder, Dr. Ellen Covey, has been growing orchids for over 20 years, during which time she has developed an extensive knowledge of orchids, their natural history and care, and reputable sources for obtaining breeding stock and healthy flasks from which to grow seedlings. 

We specialize in miniatures, seedlings and pre-blooming size plants, many of which we breed and grow from flask, making sure that they get the best care from the very beginning. The advantage of buying seedlings is that they are much less expensive than even slightly larger plants, or the same size plants in a larger or fancier pot. It's somehow more gratifying to watch a seedling grow and bloom than to buy a blooming plant and watch the flowers die.

For those who want them, we sometimes have some mature blooming size plants in stock, usually in limited quantities. If you want a plant that is not listed in our catalog, we can often obtain it for you, in any size, through our Orchid Finders Service, or direct you to a source that has it. 

We especially cater to those who only want to buy a few plants. There are no extra packing charges, no handling charges, and our shipping charges are a realistic estimate of the actual postage required to ship your order. Unfortunately we have no control over the price of shipping, but at least we do not have a mark-up on it.