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12-pack. Side and bottom drain (small hole) pots are back! These extremely hard-to-find small pots are ideal for seedlings and miniature plants.
    2” pot. Terrestrial orchid native to Southeast Asia is a cute and compact plant, with sparkling gold to copper colored veining pattern on broad, velvety dark green leaves. They bloom with spikes of small reddish flowers with a large, bright yellow lip.
      2” pot. Terrestrial orchid native to Southeast Asia is a cute and compact plant, with sparkling silber veining pattern on velvety dark green leaves with a broad silver stripe in the middle. They bloom with spikes of small odd-shaped white flowers.
        Mounted on cork plaque. Small vandaceous species from Borneo is the only orchid with truly blue flowers. Blooms in fall with short sprays of multiple blue flowers with a blue nectar spur. Wonderful species is hard to find, but easy to grow. Mid-size seedl
          2.5” pot; choose red or white variety. Medium-sized species native to Southeast Asia blooms in summer to fall with pendant sprays of flowers. The red variety will darker stripes on the petals and sepals; the album variety will have white flowers.
            We have a lot of dendrobium hybrids, so are offering them as a special until they are back to a reasonable number. These are mostly midsize mericlone "seedlings" and crosses. Limit 5 per order.
              This wonderful nobile-type hybrid dendrobium blooms multiple times a year with 2" white flowers tinged with pink. They are pleasantly fragrant, with a powdery-vanilla scent. These are divisions of a mature, previously bloomed specimen. Ships bare-root.
                2” pot. A variety commonly used in Hawaiian leis, this hybrid blooms with sprays of flowers that are pink-purple shading to white at the center. compact plant is good for windowsill growing. Mid-size mericlone "seedlings".
                  2” pot. Vigorous hybrid between Dossinia marmorata and Ludisia discolor has the intricate copper-to-gold veining of Dossinia with the larger size of Ludisia. It should bloom with spikes of small off-white flowers.
                    2” pot. Miniature South American species blooms in spring with a profusion of greenish-yellow flowers spotted with brown, Divisions of a blooming-size (previously bloomed) plant. Flowers will be similar to the photo of Dryadella edwallii, but rounder.
                      2” pot. (Dialaelia Snowflake x Blc Orange Nugget). Compact. upright plants bloom in late winter to early spring with sprays of fragrant cream to light pink flowers. Easy to grow and bloom.
                        Primary hybrid between two miniature to small South American species should be very compact in size with relatively large flowers. What the cross will look like is anybody's guess, but plants will be small and it will be interesting! Limited availability.
                          2” pot. This is the “black” variety of the popular Southeast Asian species.The leaves are velvety dark green with a single silver vein up the center. It blooms in spring with spikes of small whitish flowers.
                            2" pot. Fragrant "pansy orchid" from South America blooms in spring with sprays of round, pure-white flowers with a tiny red and yellow star in the center. Medium sized plants. Near blooming size, some in spike this month.
                              Mounted on cork plaque. Miniature East African angraecoid species blooms in spring with single cream-white and green flowers with a large lip and long nectar spur. Hard to find. These are mid-size seedlings.
                                2-2.25” pot. This hybrid should grow fast, producing one or two tall spikes of multiple flowers from every pseudobulb. Flowers are a mottled lavender-pink with a big hot pink lip. Large mericlone “seedlings.
                                  Mounted on cork plaque $8.00. Miniature species native to Brazil blooms with sprays of “dancing ladies” with a bright yellow lip banded with purple or red. Sepals and petals are dark brown-purple. Seedlings should reach blooming size in a year or so.
                                    2” pot. Very easy to grow, this classic “dancing ladies” oncidium hybrid blooms in fall with sprays of vivid yellow flowers that last a month or more. Nice house plant, suitable for beginning orchid growers. Mid-size mericlone "seedlings".
                                      2” pot. This small species produces large, long-lasting, well-formed, flat flowers. It blooms in late winter or early spring. Very easy windowsill plant. Blooming size or near blooming size. Some plants have already bloomed.
                                        2" or 2.5" pot. This small species from Indonesia is medium sized Flowers are long lasting, spicy-scented, cream to yellow colored, with broad brownish-red stripes and bars. Blooms in late winter or spring. These are good-sized seedlings.