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Monthly Special

Every month we feature one or more orchid seedlings for the special price of $3.00. These may be plants that we have in abundance, ones that have slight cosmetic defects, or ones that are nearing the end of a batch. All are healthy. 

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ONGOING SPECIAL! 2" or 2.25" pot. We have lots of Cattleya alliance hybrid seedlings in batches too small to list. We offer our choice for just $3.00, with a limit of 5 per customer. All plants are labeled with an ID tag. Young seedlings.
    Order $25 or more of plants and receive a free Companion Plant, our choice. These may include succulents, cacti, tillandsias, and other drought-tolerant plants. They may be cuttings, seedlings, potted, or bare-root. All come with an ID tag.
      We have a lot of dendrobium hybrids, so are offering them as a special until they are back to a reasonable number. These are mostly midsize mericlone "seedlings" and crosses. Limit 5 per order.
        ONGOING SPECIAL: 5 plants in 2" -2.5" pots may include a wide variety of species belonging to multiple genera: Aloe, Agave, Bryophyllum, Crassula, Echeveria, Haworthia, Kalanchoe, Pachypodium, Puya, Sedum, Senecio, and others.
          These seed-grown cacti have suffered some sort of cosmetic or mechanical damage and are discolored, deformed, or otherwise less than perfect. Some look like they're developing into monstrose specimens. They ship bare-root, for economical shipping.