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Cattleya Alliance Species

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Brazilian species blooms reliably in spring with 4” fragrant flowers. The lip is purple and the petals and sepals are bronze in color, the typical color form. bare-root divisions of a large plant that has bloomed multiple times, at least 4 pseudobulbs.
    Brazilian species blooms in fall or winter with fragrant, waxy flowers. In the alba variety, they are green with a white lip with white side lobes. The species can eventually grow quite large. Young seedlings.
      Compact Brazilian species should bloom once or twice a year with sprays of pink flowers with a bright magenta lip. These are divisions of a blooming size plant. You will receive a bare-root division with at least 4 pseudobulbs.
        Mounted on cork plaque. Small, sturdy species native to Brazil blooms in spring with sprays of dark brown-purple flowers with purple, pink, or lavender lips. Mid-size seedlings.
          Mounted on cork plaque. This small to medium size species is native only to Andros Island in the Bahamas. It blooms in spring with sprays of olive green flowers with red-marked white lips. Cute plants are mid-sized seedlings.
            This vigorous grower blooms several times a year with big clusters of orange flowers, and will quickly develop into a specimen. Divisions are from a large, previously bloomed plant, with at least 4 pseudobulbs per division. Shipped bare-root.
              2” pot. Small Brazilian species blooms in spring with bright magenta flowers that are large for the size of the plant. The photo shows Laelia pumila, a closely related species. The flowers of L praestans will be very similar. Mid-size seedlings.
                Mounted. Super-cute miniature species native to South America blooms in spring with white flowers with purple lips. The leaves are cylindrical and grow closely spaced, making a nice, compact plant. Mid-size seedlings.