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Cattleya Alliance Hybrids

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2” pot. Standard cattleya blooms in spring with large, light chartreuse colored flowers with a broad, frilly magenta lip. Young mericlone “seedlings”.
    ONGOING SPECIAL! 2" or 2.25" pot. We have lots of Cattleya alliance hybrid seedlings in batches too small to list. We offer our choice for just $3.00, with a limit of 5 per customer. All plants are labeled with an ID tag. Young seedlings.
      TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK. 2” pot. (Cattleya Bactia x Encyclia phoenicia) Compact plants will bloom with upright sprays of fragrant magenta flowers. Wonderful hybrid is easy to grow and bloom. Young mericlone “seedlings”.
        2” pot. (Dialaelia Snowflake x Blc Orange Nugget). Compact. upright plants bloom in late winter to early spring with sprays of fragrant cream to light pink flowers. Easy to grow and bloom.
          Primary hybrid between two miniature to small South American species should be very compact in size with relatively large flowers. What the cross will look like is anybody's guess, but plants will be small and it will be interesting! Limited availability.
            2” pot. Standard cattleya hybrid bears large fragrant white flowers with a sharply contrasting bright red frilly lip. The tips of the petals may have subtle red flares. Young mericlone “seedlings”.
              These plants are divisions of a specimen-sized plant that was given to a family member and returned years later when it had grown too big - without its tag. It is probably Blc (Lc Drumbeat 'Heritage' x Brassavola glauca). Flowers will look like the photo.
                2” pot. Mini-cattleya produces large peach-colored flowers with red and yellow on lip. An excellent choice for those who love cattleyas but have limited space. Good for under lights or windowsill culture. Young mericlone "seedlings"