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2” pot. This small species produces large, long-lasting, well-formed, flat flowers. It blooms in late winter or early spring. Very easy windowsill plant. Blooming size or near blooming size. Some plants have already bloomed.
    2" or 2.5" pot. This small species from Indonesia is medium sized Flowers are long lasting, spicy-scented, cream to yellow colored, with broad brownish-red stripes and bars. Blooms in late winter or spring. These are good-sized seedlings.
      Small Southeast Asian species produces spikes that look like deer antlers, glowing wide and flat with notches where flowers have appeared. Flowers are yellow with red markings. This species is unusual in that it can bloom indefinitely from a single spike.
        2" or 2.25" pot. Shiny green leaves and small pink/lavender flowers on branching spikes. These plants are the offspring of our plant 'Big Pink' (photo), which is very floriferous. Young seedlings should soon reach blooming size.
          2" pot. Small species native to the Philippines flowers on branching spikes that continue to produce flowers for months. This is the hard-to-find coerulea variety, with light bluish flowers. Near blooming size.
            2.5” pot. Southeast Asian species produces multiple spikes with flowers appearing a few at a time. Flowers are yellow with a brick-red striping pattern and a yellow or cream colored lip. Tough plant grows quickly and flowers at a young age
              2” pot. Var chompornensis is peloric-flowered, probably pink and white,, but similar in form to the photo. Small long-lasting flowers, many to a stalk, are produced in spring and summer. Young seedlings, about a year from blooming size.
                Mounted on cork plaque. Small species native to China and Tibet is deciduous in winter or when too dry, losing all its leaves so that it appears as a mass of greenish roots. Flowers are borne in spring, and range from pinkish to bluish lavender.