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Mounted on cork plaque. Small vandaceous species from Borneo is the only orchid with truly blue flowers. Blooms in fall with short sprays of multiple blue flowers with a blue nectar spur. Wonderful species is hard to find, but easy to grow. Mid-size seedl
    2” pot. Native to northern India and southern China, this plant grows like a terete vanda and blooms in spring with fragrant white to light pink flowers shaped somewhat like vanda flowers. Young seedlings.
      2” pot. Small species from the Philippines blooms in spring with colorful sprays of long-lasting flowers. The flowers are orange with bright red spots. Grows well in a basket with little to no medium, or can be mounted. Near blooming size.
        Mounted on cork plaque. Micro-mini creeping species from Vietnam is super cute with fat, pointed leaves. Blooms in spring with clusters of hot pink flowers. This would make an excellent terrarium plant. Mid-size seedlings.
          2” pot. Large species from Thailand blooms in spring-summer with pendant spikes of colorful, slightly fragrant, yellow flowers spotted with red. The plants for sale are young seedlings, small now, but they will eventually grow large and need space.