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2.5" pot. “Spider orchid” intergeneric is now called Bratonia Shelob. The ‘Okika’ clone is the same as 'Tolkien', but with variegated leaves. It produces spikes of spidery flowers in mahagony and green tones, with a pink lip dappled with dark spots.
    2" pot. Fragrant "pansy orchid" from South America blooms in spring with sprays of round, pure-white flowers with a tiny red and yellow star in the center. Medium sized plants. Near blooming size, some in spike this month.
      2-2.25” pot. This hybrid should grow fast, producing one or two tall spikes of multiple flowers from every pseudobulb. Flowers are a mottled lavender-pink with a big hot pink lip. Large mericlone “seedlings.
        Mounted on cork plaque $8.00. Miniature species native to Brazil blooms with sprays of “dancing ladies” with a bright yellow lip banded with purple or red. Sepals and petals are dark brown-purple. Seedlings should reach blooming size in a year or so.
          2” pot. Very easy to grow, this classic “dancing ladies” oncidium hybrid blooms in fall with sprays of vivid yellow flowers that last a month or more. Nice house plant, suitable for beginning orchid growers. Mid-size mericlone "seedlings".
            2.5” pot. This hybrid between Sharry Baby and Ruffles is a smaller plant with more compact spikes. It produces branched spikes with dozens of small reddish flowers with white lips. The fragrance is light and sweetly citrusy. Large mericlone “seedlings.
              FCC/AOS 2.5” pot. Attractive, compact plants bloom sequentially on tall spikes bearing one large flower at a time, with thin, antenna-like sepals and two wider, frilly petals striped in rust and gold. The huge round lip is bright yellow edged with rust.
                2.5” pot. The famous “chocolate-scented” orchid produces spikes of many highly fragrant reddish to maroon-colored flowers with a light colored lip. The scent is not just pure chocolate, but also has sweet vanilla-musky notes. Large mericlone "seedlings".
                  2-2.25” pot. Wilsonara Opalescent ‘On the Edge’ produces dramatic spikes with a multitude of unusual white flowers with sparse spotting and dark pink-lavender picotee pattern on petals, sepals, and lip. Large mericlone "seedlings".
                    AM/AOS 2.5” pot. Wilsonara is an intergeneric hybrid of Odontoglossum, Cochlioda, and Oncidium. Oporto produces dramatic spikes with dozens of vivid red flowers with yellow and lighter red lips. Large mericlone “seedlings”.
                      2.25” pot. Wilsonara is an intergeneric hybrid of Odontoglossum, Cochlioda, and Oncidium. Pacific Panache produces dramatic spikes with dozens of bright red-orange flowers with lighter orange-yellow lips. Large mericlone “seedlings”.