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12-pack. These pots are open at the bottom except for narrow cross-bands. Great for small plants that need air on the roots and/or with sphagnum moss or large bark. Use for vandaceous, pleurothallids,cattleyas, etc.
    12-pack. Side and bottom drain (small hole) pots are back! These extremely hard-to-find small pots are ideal for seedlings and miniature plants.
      12-pack. These little pots are great for miniature orchids and seedlings, but are hard to find in garden centers and box stores. If you do find them, they're often very expensive if bought individually.
        Cork is an ideal mounting medium for many orchids. Mounts are cut to size and fitted with an adjustable wire hanger. All you have to do is add the plant! Use the pull-down menu to choose small, medium or large sizes.
          6 ounce bag. This sphagnum moss is the best medium for growing nearly all orchid seedlings and many adult plants. It's the material of choice for mounting.