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We have lots of different species aloes growing like crazy in 2.25" pots with leaf spans up to 10". We will choose the best plant. Some of these can be grown outdoors in the US in subtroppical climates.
    2” pot, small blooming size rooted division. This caudiciform begonia is native to South Africa. It quickly forms a large caudex and the stems swell at the nodes, giving an interesting contorted appearance. White flowers in spring. Makes a good bonsai.
      2” pot. A variety of cacti, all grown from seed. Genera include Acanthocalycium, Bolivicereus, Cereus, Chamaecereus, Cleistocactus, Copiapoa, Echinopsis, Espostoa, Ferocactus, Notocactus, Opuntia, Rebutia, and others. Your preference or our choice.
        Start a cactus collection or add to an existing one with our choice of 5 desirable cactus species. These are seed-grown plants shipped in 2" or 2.5" pots.
          Order $25 or more of plants and receive a free Companion Plant, our choice. These may include succulents, cacti, tillandsias, and other drought-tolerant plants. They may be cuttings, seedlings, potted, or bare-root. All come with an ID tag.
            2” pot. Notocactus is a South American genus that that blooms easily, usually in spring. The plants we have include Notocactus mammulosus (photo is our parent plant) as well as a few other species. Young seedlings.
              2" pot. Not often seen for sale, these South American terrestrial bromeliads flower with tall spikes in a variety of colors. Grow in a pot, or outside in subtropical climates. Young seedlings are growing very fast!
                Large clump of live plants. Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) is a wonderful companion to orchids. It requires nothing more than being draped over the site where it is to grow and an occasional spraying with water; produces small yellow-green flowers.
                  ONGOING SPECIAL: 5 plants in 2" -2.5" pots may include a wide variety of species belonging to multiple genera: Aloe, Agave, Bryophyllum, Crassula, Echeveria, Haworthia, Kalanchoe, Pachypodium, Puya, Sedum, Senecio, and others.